Malte Marten
The uniqueness of Clemens’ instruments finds its roots in the uniqueness of his being.
Just as open-hearted, warm and calm he is, so are his instruments.
When i play my Soulshine handpan, i feel my soul shine.
During the last years i played instruments from many different makers,
but the experience i have with Clemens’ creations is extraordinary.
Reo Matsumoto

The Soulshine soundsculptures have an absolutely amazing and super glowing sound that takes you to outer space.
Congrats brother! You are amazing!

Jeremy Nattagh

Soulshine Sounds handpans entered my realm 2 years ago, and I am always amazed by the wide array of possibilities that these instruments offer, the beautiful look they have, and most of all, playing them makes you feel how much love and dedication have been put into the making. They are part of my few go-to instruments for any concert I’m giving around the world.