The Artisan

Every Soulshine soundsculpture is handcrafted from start to finish by Clemens August Andreas Handschuch. Clemens works and lives in the historic city of Nuremberg where the art of crafting metal objects has a longstanding tradition. His work is upholding the great reputation of Nuremberg craftsmen of old times.  More >

Finding Balance

Tens of thousands of hammerstrokes go into forming and harmonising every Soulshine soundsculpture. The fruit of the labour is a well balanced instrument that resonates in a warm and pure tone with a carrying voice that reaches deep into the soul of player and audience.

Attention to detail is essential to achieve the powerful, warm sound without sharpness. Strong fundamentals, clear and easy to isolate overtones, tuned shoulders and a beautiful organic and ceramic timbre ensure a profund experience when playing a Soulshine.

Dedication to excellence

The Soulshine soundsculptures awaken to the lightest touch on their smooth, organic surface. The tuning is developed through several tuning rounds to create a strong and stable voice that offers a wide dynamic range for players to express themselves.

Combined with a broad array of scales and variations the possibilties are infinite. Find out more about the different Scales>



The moment of perfect silence

Each Soulshine harnesses a deeply transformational and healing energy that creates a safe bubble in which the players are free to explore their inner music and directly influence the vibrational energy of their body.

The hallmark of a truely magical soundsculpture is finding yourself unable to put it down… and it keeps calling you to come back and find that moment of perfect silence after the final chord in which the imprint of the vibrations lingers in the air.