Down the rabbit hole

In January 2016 Clemens was given the chance to learn about the art of crafting sound sculptures from Matthieu Mark and Delphine Billard at the Shellopan Fab Lab. After making his first instruments at Shellopan, Clemens continued the journey down the rabbit hole of tuning steel, and over the course of the past years achieved to find his own characteristic warm and well balanced sound for which the Soulshine brand is known today.


About Soulshine

Every Soulshine soundsculpture is handcrafted from start to finish by Clemens August Andreas Handschuch. Clemens works and lives in the historic city of Nuremberg where the art of crafting metal objects has a longstanding tradition. His work is upholding the great reputation of Nuremberg craftsmen of old times.

Discovering the magic that lies within the vibrations of tuned steel sparked a transformational experience in Clemens. He started to dedicate himself to learning how to play the instrument and became an active member of the handpan community.




Dimensions, Material, Brass,

Photography by Hannah Raja of Amaluna studios