Following the path of (hand)pan

For years i was enchanted by the music of the soundsculptures, but it took a long time for my first instrument to find me. A revolution took place inside of me, i was opened up to a new dimension – playing music. It is possibly one of the most fullfilling and blessing experiences we human beings can have.
Of course i was intrigued to find out how a lump of steel can turn into something as beautiful as a handpan. These soundsculptures seem to be alive, to have a soul of their own, or at the very last be able to become a mirror of our own soul.
The deeper i dived into the marvelous world of handpan the stronger grew the desire to try and hammer on steel myself. So in January 2016 another journey started for me, i am falling down the rabbit hole of tuning steel to create handpans.
The soulshine soundsculptures are only possible because of shellopan, big THANKS go out to Matthieu and Delphine for everything they do!


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The history of the handpan

The origins of the handpan are found in the caribbean with the steelpan. The biggest difference between steelpan and handpan is in the way of playing it. By touching the metal directly with the hands the handpan has formed a closer bond of player and instrument.
The handpan family of instruments is still very young. The first instrument of this family was invented in Switzerland in the year 2000. It won the hearts of people all over the world in the blink of an eye and continues to move people on a very deep, emotional level. As the instrument gained more and more recognition all over the world its inventors were not able to keep up with the demand and it became one of the most sought after instruments.